Dear Readers:

This website and blog have been a labor of love for just shy of nine years. I am addicted to Traditional Black Powder Hunting, and wish to share my passion for this humble endeavor with anyone who will read or listen.

Writing on a journal page with a brass lead holder.The desire on my part has always been to post a snippet at least once per week. Some months I meet that goal and others I fall short. It takes time to research, compose, edit and post an 18th-century adventure of magazine length and quality. As many of you realize, family circumstances and priorities are, or were, the primary reason for not achieving that goal.

However, in mid-December the platform I use for this website changed. The new software was heralded as revolutionary, a great blessing for the blogging world, the wave of the future.

My posts are simple, or so I thought. I studied the tutorials, and when I took my first stab at posting, I discovered a glitch that will not allow me to center a “Snapshot Saturday” photo. When I attempted to post a full-length article, I hit another glitch that reduced the photo size and skewed the paragraph out of alignment. Fortunately I found a work around, for now.

To add insult to injury, I received a call from my hosting service this week. A third-party provider of key software that supports the blog platform decided early in the fall to discontinue support for the version of their product that the hosting company uses. “You could experience disruptions at any time,” this gentleman advised, with genuine concern and an offer of assistance for migrating the site to a different hosting plan, at additional cost, of course.

My policy in the past was to spend the extra hours to catch up with the changes in technology and make no mention to you, my loyal readers. Under the current circumstances, I am not comfortable following that course of action. From what I understand, this site could crash at any moment with no prior notice; nine years of work might vanish from the Internet in a nanosecond. I suppose certain politicians might embrace such a calamity with great glee and jubilation, wink, wink…

Anyway, please bear with me if, heaven forbid, Traditional Black Powder Hunting becomes unavailable on your browser. In an effort to avoid this situation, I will limit my posts over the next month or so in hopes that what is already published will remain available. But I have my doubts…

Thank you for your kind support.

Give traditional black powder hunting a try, be safe and may God bless you,

Dennis Neely

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2 Responses to An FYI…

  1. Rancocas says:

    I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor. I do enjoy reading your posts.

    For myself, I do not understand and absolutely despise all this electronic technology. In fact I took an early retirement way back in 1999 because my office was then in the process of getting computerized and I did not understand and did not like it.
    Yes, yes, I do look at the Internet and I do use email, but none of the social media sites, and I don’t use or even have a cellphone or Ipad, or GPS, or any of that sort of thing. All the people walking around with a phone screwed in their ear, or their thumbs clicking a mile a minute on some little gadget in their hands annoys me terribly.

    However, I have built my own flintlock rifle and most of the accoutrements that go with it. I have built my own wood-strip canoe. I can shoe a horse. I understand steam engines. And, I use a good old fashioned compass to find my way in the wilderness. -among other old timey things- But, I suppose my time is in the past.

    Please keep up the good work.

    • Bob Miller says:

      Upgrade…constant upgrade. If we can receive e-mail, and can lookout/use the internet [ kind of like going to the library ] we’re happy enough. So what if it takes a few seconds, and isn’t “instant” I use a laptop from 2001 ! It still works. Smart phones-no, “social media” -no
      We live in the woods, off grid and are much happier than most folks we know. I’ll have to go over the posts and see if I can save some choice bits myself….just in case .

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