A Reworked Bison Powder Horn

The completed bison horn project.I just posted another “How-to” installment, this one dealing with reworking a bison powder horn. The project is divided into four parts: how and why I chose a bison horn for my persona, reworking an existing horn that I purchased “sight unseen,” making a new hickory stopper and fashioning a buckskin horn strap.

Each part has its own page, complete with step-by-step photos that I hope you find helpful. I tried to break the project down into manageable parts, demonstrating my thought process, faulty as it sometimes is, when researching, making or modifying an accoutrement—in this case a powder horn. In addition, I thought it might be easier and quicker for an individual to find information on a specific project, like fabricating a new stopper or creating a powder horn strap.

Be safe and may God bless you,

Dennis Neely

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