Inspired by John Tanner

Moonlight washed over the canvas village. Stars twinkled in the ethereal darkness; fires flickered down in the valley. Candle lanterns glowed in the evening’s pleasant coolness, and once in a while a candle’s light moved from camp to camp. A banjo twanged to the south, and a mountain dulcimer droned to the east. Uphill a… Continue reading Inspired by John Tanner

The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Rain pounded the roof. A thunder clap ended a sound sleep. Outside, big, silver orbs fell earthward, looking like ten thousand spears piercing dawn’s gray abyss. Water splashed everywhere, ending all hopes of covering the wooden crate and canvas-bound bales. I had gambled and lost. In my disgust, I began the all too familiar litany… Continue reading The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

“Denny’s Been Baptized…”

A bawl-mouthed Walker bayed. Crisy’s distinctive “awoo, awoo, awoo, awoo…” spurred a sense of urgency, tugging my buffalo-hide moccasins due south from the wagon trail. The light, fluffy overnight snow poofed with each footfall; the under layer crunched. A stiff breeze died just over the ridge, where the hardwoods eased into a thick, white cedar… Continue reading “Denny’s Been Baptized…”