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The Answer is Not Simple

A fallen red oak blocked the trail. Spring’s broad, lush leaves hung curled, brown and brittle. After stepping over the trunk, worn-out elk moccasins continued through the shadows. Blue jays screamed high atop a far hill, but not for me. … Continue reading

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The Coyotes Taught a Valuable Lesson

Cortland apples browned beside sizzling venison steaks. Not long before, dusk’s long shadows had succumbed to night’s darkness. A stick held a chunk of meat firm to the kettle’s bottom while the butcher knife sliced. The smell of the evening’s … Continue reading

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The Answer is Always the Same…

Petite yellow flowers blanketed the fen. Lavender colored milkweed blossoms dotted the swamp’s edges, and pale-yellow bumps tipped mullein stalks like fresh-kindled flames on a night hunter’s torch. As I sat beneath the spreading boughs of an old red cedar … Continue reading

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