Correcting a Rumor

At times, unsubstantiated rumors can cause more damage than the best-funded anti-gun campaigns. Recently Tami and I spent a few days at the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s National Spring Shoot. On Sunday evening, June 15th, 2014, emergency vehicle sirens approached the Walter Cline Range from the west. Rescue vehicles and police cars whizzed by… Continue reading Correcting a Rumor

Making Common Choices

An owl hooted early. A wild turkey uttered several soft clucks below its roost tree, somewhere near the sinkhole, not far from the nasty thicket. A misplaced robin twittered as it perched on a dead cedar branch, a few trade gun lengths distant. Within ten minutes the hillside grew quiet and chilling cold. Thanksgiving of… Continue reading Making Common Choices

Two Hours Sipping Water

Afternoon sprinkles pitter-patted. Light green autumn olive leaves bounced and bobbed, partly from the raindrops and partly from a slight breeze. The air smelled fresh and clean, a bit unusual for the first week in November. Overhead, the red oaks held all of their leaves, which was a tad unusual, too. Fall’s unseasonable warmth continued.… Continue reading Two Hours Sipping Water