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Who Are You?

Tiny waves raced to the puddle’s shore. A southwest wind dislodged another drop from a nearby maple branch. More waves followed the little splash in a puddle no bigger than a nice buck’s bed. Catkins hung from a poplar tree. … Continue reading

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Hacked Away Years Ago

Morning sun reflected off the tiny creek. The shiny silver band curled close to the big swamp’s edge, then disappeared in the matted canary grass. Unseen cardinals whit-sued to the south, this side of the watering hole. My moccasins crested … Continue reading

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“Okay, Junior…”

“Gob-obl-obl-obl-obl-obl!” “Kla-whoosh-BOOM!” Silence hung over the clearing for as long as it took the white, sulfurous stench to drift down range and dissipate.  Before I got close, there was no question the fourth turkey was dead. I knelt beside the … Continue reading

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The Powder Horn Blew Up!

“I was very fortunate,” my friend said. His voice betrayed the emotional aftermath he was trying to contain. “You heard the powder horn blew up? I always stress safety. I can’t believe it happened, but it’s got a lot of … Continue reading

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