Seasoning a Soup’s Bland Flavor

Apprehension lingered after each footfall. An impending sadness lurked in the shadows. Dread stalked tree to tree. Winter moccasins crossed the isthmus that divided the nasty thicket, then angled up the steep, slippery slope. Raspberry switches clawed and tugged at hunt-stained buckskin leggins on that cold, January day in 1797. The glade smelled damp; half-melted… Continue reading Seasoning a Soup’s Bland Flavor

“…not quite yet…”

Two hen turkeys clucked, then squabbled. The ruckus came from the south; those birds sounded roosted, an hour after first light. A fox squirrel frolicked at the base of a red oak. Not far away, a blue jay watched from a witch hazel branch. The jay cocked its head as if it was deciding whether… Continue reading “…not quite yet…”

A Reworked Bison Powder Horn

I just posted another “How-to” installment, this one dealing with reworking a bison powder horn. The project is divided into four parts: how and why I chose a bison horn for my persona, reworking an existing horn that I purchased “sight unseen,” making a new hickory stopper and fashioning a buckskin horn strap. Each part… Continue reading A Reworked Bison Powder Horn

The Old Cedar’s Sanctuary

A gentle north wind bit bare skin. Downhill the same contrary wind blew waves of light snow from south to north over the thin gray ice that covered the watering hole. Buffalo hide moccasins trudged on; the evening’s anticipated ambush was no longer viable. Such were the circumstances of that cold November afternoon in 1795.… Continue reading The Old Cedar’s Sanctuary