A First Outing

A good-sized black ant ran along my bare thigh, then took refuge inside my buckskin leggin. Its pace slowed, tickling its way to the left, then to the right, just above my knee. Three times it tried to move farther down my leg, but the weathered, deer-hide whang, snugged around the leggin, thwarted its advance.… Continue reading A First Outing

Plus or Minus Three-Tenths

Few options remained. Daylight dwindled. Longer strides struck a balance between due care and a swift advance. With each footfall, the day’s tensions eased. The hasty still-hunt followed a well-used doe trail through a small stand of aromatic red cedar trees to the little knoll’s crest. December loomed a few days distant; as I recall,… Continue reading Plus or Minus Three-Tenths

If I Bargain Hard

The smell of blooming lilacs filled the air. Now and again the fluffy clouds hid the mid-afternoon sun. When it shone, the spring rays warmed my back to the point of sweating. The propane burner uttered a constant, dull, whooshing roar that filled my heart with joy and radiated an equal amount of heat on… Continue reading If I Bargain Hard

“Wait a while…”

The River Raisin beckons. To the south, the flooded ribbon looks silvery blue, to the north a dull, brownish gray. The broad lily-pad flats seem the dividing line. The air smells of spring’s greening, fresh, clean and leafy. A red-tailed hawk screeches overhead, displaced from its twiggy nest in a towering white oak by a… Continue reading “Wait a while…”