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“Follow the pair…”

Gentle, cautious footfalls avoided a tumble. A lone rabbit track teased, emerging from under a stump, then rounding a bushy cedar tree. My winter moccasins shuffled in a joyous, yet measured pursuit. The track angled downhill, straight at a toppled … Continue reading

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“Remember the Raisin!”

A stiff southwest wind riled the unfrozen River Raisin. Small flocks of Canada geese loafed on the south bank, in the lee of the gusts. Now and again a goose honked while others rested their heads on their backs. A … Continue reading

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“They’re still wild animals…”

Buffalo hoof prints pocked the frozen trace. Wool-lined moccasins crunched and crackled and slid about on the old snow in the near-zero January cold. Partway up a rolling knob a woodsman’s fur-backed mitten signaled for his two companions to halt. … Continue reading

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“I followed up the animal…”

A deer’s head bobbed up in the poison sumac and marsh elders. Its ears flicked front to back to front. It looked side to side displaying noticeable concern, then disappeared in the thick wet snow that clung to every twig … Continue reading

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