On Angel’s Wings…

A chickadee bobbed up and down on a flimsy sprig. The little songster turned its head side to side, trying to make sense of the motionless woodsman, not two trade gun lengths distant. Two or three more chickadees flitted by, but this one lingered. A snowflake or two landed on the black feathers that adorned… Continue reading On Angel’s Wings…

“Black powder people are tough…”

A not-so-distant maple tree popped. The sound echoed in the frigid hardwoods. A red-bellied woodpecker grasped a dead oak, moved about the gray, barkless trunk, but never drummed. Disappointment rushed over me. I associate tapping woodpeckers in a barren forest with popping trees. Yet, the still-hunt continued. My right buffalo-hide moccasin slipped forward on the… Continue reading “Black powder people are tough…”

“A Cool Coincidence”

Ed Schmidt, editor of Whitetales: The Official Publication of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, sent me an email the other day. The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the betterment of deer, deer habitat and deer hunting in Minnesota. Since 1996, the MDHA has spent over $16.5 million supporting habitat… Continue reading “A Cool Coincidence”

A Helpful Image

Pre-dawn’s silence stoked anticipation’s fire. Fading stars spawned an age-old wanderlust. In the graying darkness, silver dew drops clung to every grass blade, every bough tip, every greening stem. The air smelled clean and fresh, laced with a hint of rotting deer pellets. Elk moccasins splashed, driven by boyish glee; buckskin leggins swooshed. On that… Continue reading A Helpful Image