“Such was the forest fare…”

Leaves rustled. Quiet followed. The acidic aroma of fallen oak leaves perfumed that October afternoon’s woodland hush. Three delicate crunches coaxed the smoothbore’s muzzle uphill. The turtle sight paused at a gnarly shag-bark hickory tree festooned with muted gold foliage.  Two pops and a solid crunch betrayed the fox squirrel’s approach. But alas, the tangle… Continue reading “Such was the forest fare…”

What a Strange Time Machine?

1959 Cadillac Sedan De Ville For Sale Tami smiled. Discussions about “Uncle Jerry’s Cadillac” have been a part of her family gatherings for over four decades. The story of how Uncle Jerry acquired the car was always the same: the car was a gift from General Motors to a union executive. Uncle Jerry did odd… Continue reading What a Strange Time Machine?