The Importance of Hunting Camps

Hunting camps are always a popular topic of discussion among traditional black powder hunters. With the arrival of Mi-ki-naak, the Snapping Turtle, and the demise of the wigwam used by Msko-waagosh, the Red Fox, the subject of an appropriate, period-correct shelter is a major focus of evening research sessions. At the same time, a number… Continue reading The Importance of Hunting Camps

“It’s no wonder Mi-ki-naak has amnesia…”

“Cringe-worthy” best described Lt. Lang’s email. The subject line, “Today 1763,” put his message at the top of my “must read list.” I hate to break the news to the modern world, but living history takes precedence over your perceived crisis of the moment. Family comes first, always, but the constant bombardment of hyped triviality… Continue reading “It’s no wonder Mi-ki-naak has amnesia…”

Traditional Outdoors Podcast

Steve Angell and Nick Viau offer a unique approach to preserving outdoor traditions through modern podcasts. These two traditionalists present a weekly radio show online. Unlike live, over-the-air broadcasts that require tuning in at a specific time and day, the podcast genre allows an individual to listen to a traditions-oriented discussion at any time—even start… Continue reading Traditional Outdoors Podcast