The Jake Died Thrice

“Jay!” The blue jay cried out but once. The alarm seemed halfhearted and without authority. After a pause, my elk moccasins whispered along the familiar trail. The blue jay watched. The empty Northwest gun hung heavy in my right hand. A cool breeze whispered in the tops of the cedar trees, sounding like a gentle… Continue reading The Jake Died Thrice

A Magnificent Memory

A gray nose poked from the deep green grass. A cunning eye, attentive ears and a sleek, lean body burst from the left. The Jeep’s brake pads gripped the rotors firm, but not hard enough to squeal tires. A second wolf, a bit smaller than the first, appeared. Both looked straight at me as if… Continue reading A Magnificent Memory

An Alternate Choice

Light rain spit. The sky appeared thick, gray and ominous. The air smelled sticky and humid. My bare shoulders and upper arms felt sweaty and damp as I tugged at the heel of my left buckskin moccasin, one of a pair I sewed so many years ago, but never wore. By the time I tied… Continue reading An Alternate Choice

Exhausting All Possibilities

The search resumed at dawn. Frost-tipped cedar boughs dotted the steep hillside. Night’s cold, clear sky turned azure, and in a short while, yellow streaks of sunlight crept over the little valley. On that crisp November morn, I made no attempt to cross time’s threshold. The rule on the North-Forty is that all hunting stops… Continue reading Exhausting All Possibilities