Rabbits Seemed Second Best

Delicate ice skimmed the waterhole’s edge. A heavy hoar frost clung in the low ground. Faint stars still sparkled overhead. Chilled breaths hung like miniature clouds drifting in night’s last hurrah. Buffalo-hide moccasins whispered along the earthen trail, then ascended a rolling hill. On the ridge crest a silver, dewy bead tipped each blade of… Continue reading Rabbits Seemed Second Best

Stacking Up More Coyotes

Well, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do; I killed a few more paper coyotes. For me, a big part of the fun, and sometimes aggravating frustration, of traditional black powder hunting is thinking through a problem and then testing a hypothesis in the field. As so often happens, a set of… Continue reading Stacking Up More Coyotes

Killing Paper Coyotes

A brilliant red cardinal hopped twice. The songster stopped. Its crimson top knot canted to its left. A potential morsel on the thawing earth held its full attention. It hopped twice more, then took flight for no apparent reason. Over the gulley, beyond the tall cedars, another cardinal began to sing: “Whit, whit, tsu, tsu,… Continue reading Killing Paper Coyotes

A Strange Mix of Frustration and Elation

Five Canada geese winged northwest. Silent, the black-necked grey ghosts flew in a lopsided wedge, three birds to the right, one to the left. Stroking hard and steady, the geese left little doubt as to their destination: the lily-pad flats, or thereabouts, on the River Raisin. I didn’t bother to look down, but rather peered… Continue reading A Strange Mix of Frustration and Elation