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And Yes, I Answer!

“That should be enough,” I said, walking to the truck with two big fistfuls of oak leaves pressed against each other. A cold but gentle northwest breeze dislodged a few strays and sent them fluttering on their way. I dumped … Continue reading

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Ax Maker?

Can anyone identify who made this ax? I am looking for background information on an ax that I acquired a few years ago. The previous owner knew little of the ax’s history. The head appears to be cast steel, has … Continue reading

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Perhaps Another Time

The neighbor’s rooster cackled. A slight easterly breath pushed the morning’s fog. A crow cawed, off to the west, near the nameless creek that meanders through the big swamp. Jerry’s rooster cackled again and again. “Caw, caw.” What sounded like … Continue reading

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What’s That Bird?

Standing corn bordered the swale hole. Tall cottonwoods flourished in the outer edges, amongst the sedge grass and raspberry tangles. The oldest tree, at the swale’s southernmost tip, was dead. Two upper branches tented against the trunk. Slabs of bark … Continue reading

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“Testify to what you did…”

A young doe ran by, its white tail up. It did not appear alarmed, just in a hurry. A pleasant breeze caressed my face, coming out of the south, same as the deer. The faint scent of oak leaves and … Continue reading

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