A Pleasant Interlude

Sunlight sparkled on fresh frost. A puff of frozen breath foretold of the older doe’s arrival. Ears twitched, then dropped from sight. Her head popped up, but her gaze was off to the north. She flipped her ears back before she turned and stared at her back trail. In time the sleek doe’s back came… Continue reading A Pleasant Interlude

Sharing the next step…

A distant crow cawed. Msko-waagosh shuffled sideways. A fox squirrel chattered. A crimson cardinal exclaimed, “Whit, whit, tsu, tsu, tsu, tsu…” A shiny, silver needle pierced the weathered canvas. The needle’s length grew short. The eye slipped through the weave. The thin cord followed with a tug from a thumb and forefinger. “Aww, aww, aww,… Continue reading Sharing the next step…

Finally Hanging Canvas

The Northwest gun leaned against a small red oak, its girth the same as a brass kettle that trades for five beaver pelts. The open-topped, Ottawa-style shot pouch hung from the muzzle, as did the bison powder horn. Two steps away a finger-long needle slipped through a grayed canvas piece. The fiber cord bound the… Continue reading Finally Hanging Canvas

“He made it through…”

An old doe snorted. The unexpected warning came from the far side of the big swamp, a ways uphill from the maple at the bend in the trail that hugged the swamp’s edge. The unmistakable sound rolled up and down the swamp like the thunder from a close lightning strike. Peering through the brush I… Continue reading “He made it through…”