“…at the behest of a lone goose…”

Light snow dusted a myriad of deer tracks. The comings and goings offered promise, tempered with the knowledge the hillside recorded the past, not the future. Ice crystals clung to mustache hairs. Fingers tingled. A purple raspberry switch tugged at the dangling corner of a red trade blanket. In the distance, at the next homestead… Continue reading “…at the behest of a lone goose…”

A Time of Peace…

Goose wings swished overhead. A solitary “Ke-honk” echoed over the hardwoods, causing a returned white captive to look up and take solace. The single goose winged west to the remaining silver ribbon of open water that flowed between the icy cut-banks of the River Raisin. In a few moments, the tomahawk thudded again and again,… Continue reading A Time of Peace…

A Toll for Re-Living History

Distant clucks teased. Elk moccasins danced around the broken down top of a white ash tree. When the tree fell it bent earthward six or seven red cedar trees with trunks the size of a stout blacksmith’s upper arm. The open sky above this tragedy nurtured an abundance of autumn olive sprigs, most sporting half… Continue reading A Toll for Re-Living History

Stepping Through Time’s Portal

Ears appeared first. An eye, a snout, a turn of the head came next. Two large oak trees and several fallen branches blocked the doe’s body from view.  Two hoof-falls brought a head bob and a twitch of the ears as she looked to the east. Three steps, a sniff of the cold December air,… Continue reading Stepping Through Time’s Portal