A New Aging Page

A light blue bead rests against the vein of an oak leaf.This week’s post “grew legs,” as I sometimes say. The journal entry recounts a lost blue bead from a leggin garter that came to rest in a cupped oak leaf in the middle of a December deer hunt. There is no pun intended between growing legs and a leggin garter. But as I reflected on that incident, I realized the comments deserved a page under “The Basics” section of the site. The essay, “Lost to Eternity,” is posted under “Progression of Age and Use.”

In addition, I started revamping the site in mid-November in hopes of better reflecting the content that readers want and are requesting. If you have some ideas, please share them in an email.

As I review past posts, essays that address basic concepts or reflect the guiding principles of traditional black powder hunting will be given page status. Some will need to be rewritten, and that takes time. Plus I am working on a new series of pages for “The Basics” section, and I have a number of clothing and accoutrement projects that will appear under the “How-to” category.

I had a great fall hunting season, probably the best in ten years. I didn’t kill a lot, but that was my choice. As you might expect, I came away with an abundance of journal pages to share in the future.

Thank you for visiting the site, be safe and may God bless you always,

Dennis Neely

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