A Special Thank You

About this time each year I receive a “Year End Stats” report from WordPress. The information is basic, nothing flashy or worthy of fanfare. “Unique views,” a common measurement of a site’s activity, are up over 30 percent for the past year. I have you, my loyal readers, to thank for that—Thank you, and may God bless all of you for searching out my scribblings.

For a living historian who just wants to slip away to the North-Forty and partake of 18th-century pleasures, the concept of entertaining regular visitors from 105 countries is mind boggling, humbling and a bit scary. The majority of you, “dear readers” as John James Audubon used to write, arrive from the United States, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic.

As fellow time travelers, or maybe just inquisitive onlookers, you knock at the door all hours of the day or night, which one might expect. My deepest hope is that the hospitality you receive satisfies your reason for seeking this site out.

Writing on a journal page with a brass lead holder.Finding time to write in 2015 was difficult. I surprised myself when I discovered I had the same number of posts as in 2014. As I look ahead to 2016, I would really appreciate some feedback from you on what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see on these pages. Email is best, but comment below if you wish.

Again, thank you for visiting and supporting traditional black powder hunting, be safe and may God bless you all.

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