Portage Collar “How-To” Added

A leather portage collar coiled on a trade blanket.Portage collars, hoppis straps and carrying strings garner passing mention in the journals of many 18th-century hunter heroes. Some describe their pack straps, others refer to them in name only and are content to leave it at that.

I recently made a leather portage collar for my daughter, and I documented the process in response to a number of requests from loyal readers for a “do-it-yourself” article on the subject. A brief discussion of burden straps, “Sorting Through the Confusion,” is posted under the “How-to” category. This is by no means a comprehensive treatise on burden straps, but perhaps it will stimulate some positive discussion. A separate page with a step-by-step construction guide for making your own leather portage collar is included for your enjoyment.

Give traditional black powder hunting a try, be safe and may God bless you.

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