Portage Collar Bedroll “How-To” Added

A half-completed knot for binding a bedroll with a portage collar.Every so often someone asks how I bind my bedroll with the leather portage collar. “Roll the blanket and tie it,” seems like the logical answer. But over the years I have experienced many failures of tying methods that I thought were suitable and simple enough. The worst disasters have occurred in the heat of the chase—I mention two noteworthy instances and allow the reader to imagine the details.

“Necessary Wilderness Lessons” is posted under the “Portage Collar” section in the “How-To” category. The page includes some background on how I came to use this method of binding my bedroll and also includes a short statement about using the bedroll as a warm cushion while on stand. And on cold days, the portage collar can act as a belt to bind the blanket around a chilled body, but more on that another time…

Give traditional black powder hunting a try, be safe and may God bless you.

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