“River Bottom Buck”

“Snapshot Saturday”

A traditional woodsman with a fine buck.
The buck came up out of the tamaracks around a tiny hidden lake and crossed in front of a traditional hunter with German lineage. The French ‘D’ trade gun thundered, the death sphere hit its mark and the buck ran into the River Raisin’s bottom land. Old Northwest Territory, sometime in the 1780s…


  1. Good buck. Odd antlers.
    I, too, once roamed the River Raisin bottoms. Took some does and a fork-horn, but never a really good buck. Worked out of Ft. Detroit for many years. Roamed all over Michigan. Then, 17 years ago I moved south to Tenasi in order to escape the harsh winters. Took my best buck ever down here on Starr Mountain with one 60 yard shot from my .50 longrifle.

    1. Congratulations on the buck. Were you wearing traditional clothing at the time?

      You’re missing out on some great weather, every day is different. Some are colder than others, though…

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