“Mi-ki-naak measuring powder”

“Snapshot Saturday”

Standing outside his wigwam, a traditional woodsman measures powder with his hand.
Mi-ki-naak poured gunpowder into the palm of his outstretched hand as he loaded for a wild turkey hunt. When the little pile of black granules reached the appropriate size, the returned white captive poured the charge down the barrel and seated two dry oak leaves, rolled into a ball, firm over the powder. Duck shot followed with another oak leaf rammed tight. East of the River Raisin in the Year of our Lord, 1763…


    1. No, Jim, this is a whole new character based in 1763. He is introduced in “Referencing the fall of 1763…” A good friend of mine is a British Ranger from that year, and when we hunt together it bothered me that we were living in two different eras. I created a new character who is also a returned white captive. The leggins and breechclout are different,as are the French fusil, bag and horn. Eventually Mi-ki-naak will have his own wardrobe, etc., and hopefully he will be easier to spot. I’m hoping to start his stories in a different manner so you can tell right off whether you are reading about the Red Fox or the Snapping Turtle.

        1. No, thank you, Jim. I appreciate folks supporting this site. Come and enjoy! Explore at your own pace.

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