“This is interesting,” I said to Tami as I looked through several weeks’ worth of web-site visitor data. It seems the site views spike on Monday and Tuesday and, of course again on Friday. That Monday/Tuesday trend is new, perhaps driven by stay-at-home cabin fever, perhaps just happenstance.

At any rate, Miss Tami stated the obvious: “Why don’t you try to put up a post on Monday so your readers will find something new?”

Well, two postings a week will be a lot of effort, and I’m not sure I can maintain that work flow. That said, I have accumulated a variety of topics that are best categorized as “short thoughts.” With that in mind, I will try—I’m really emphasizing the “try” part of this endeavor—to pen a short post for Mondays. What better name than “Mini-Mondays?”

Enjoy, be safe and may God bless you,

Dennis Neely

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  1. I’ve signed up to receive your new postings. It is clearly a work of great love and effort when I click on the link to read your posts.

    Thanks for what you do.

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