“Holding the Past”

“Snapshot Saturday”

A traditional woodsman holding an elk antler.

Holding a shed antler segment found during an excavation near a watering hole on the North-Forty. The last reported elk sighting near the headwaters of the River Raisin was prior to 1800.

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3 Responses to “Holding the Past”

  1. Dennis Underwood says:

    That is great. I would love to be able to see the country as that elk did. Still unspoiled, how awesome
    would that be?

    • Dennis Neely: Traditional Woodsman says:

      The North-Forty has changed a lot since that elk walked its rolling hills or waded into the big swamp. Invasive species have taken over and the endless job of trying to eradicate them consumes a lot of my time. But it is an real rush to touch a piece of the past. I’m glad you liked the photo…

      • Dennis Underwood says:

        Invasives, the never ending battle. We are dealing with lots of Japanese stilt grass and Autumn olive. Just to name a couple.
        Keep up the great blog. We love it!!!

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