“Telling of Moose”

“Snapshot Saturday”

Sitting beside a glowind fire, a gray-haired woodsman tells of a great moose.

Two hunters swap stories beside an evening campfire. After a pause, the gray-haired woodsman begins to tell of a great moose hunt, many winters before. Ron LaClair (left) and David Graham (right), Swamp Hollow, late 18th-century in the Old Northwest Territory.

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2 Responses to “Telling of Moose”

  1. Love the picture. I have always been a big fan of Ron and his Shrew bows. It would be great to spend some time around the camp fire with him. Keep up the great blog!!!

  2. Joseph brown says:

    Thank you Dennis for keeping these memories alive with your brilliant photography and story telling! I’m glad that I was able to be a small part of these hunting camps! It was an honor to share the fire, food, drink and stories with you, Longhunter, Swamp and the various other cast of characters who made these events the life time experiences they were!

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