“Woodland Breakfast”

“Snapshot Saturday”

A traditional woodsman's camp.

On a clear, late summer morning a humble trading post hunter roasted a chunk of meat over hot coals. The woodsman camped in a small clearing on a ridge that overlooked the River Raisin. Old Northwest Territory in the Year of our Lord, 1792…

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2 Responses to “Woodland Breakfast”

  1. joe parisella says:

    i once read a piece by you about sewing your own clothes .
    i,ve tried to find this article and can,t, can you help

    • Dennis Neely: Traditional Woodsman says:


      Over the years I’ve mentioned sewing my own clothes in many articles. The “How-to” section has some articles on sewing, and I hope to add more in the future.

      There are posts scattered throughout this site like January 25, 2015, which tells of dyeing a linen shirt. August 29, 2014 talks about sewing the silk ribbon on the breechclout, and September 19, 2013 presents the documentation that I used for selecting a ready-made ruffled shirt from a trader. And that doesn’t address the hundreds of magazine articles, so I need some help narrowing down which article you are looking for.

      Did you see the article on this site or perhaps in Woods-N-Water News, Muzzle Blasts or MUZZLELOADER Magazine? Can you be a little more specific, please, and I’ll try to find it?

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