“Impressions Beside Laughery Creek”

“Snapshot Saturday”

Artist painting beside Laughery Creek.

Brushes dabbed. Paint blended. The artist paused, then gazed at the old farmstead on the hill that overlooked Laughery Creek. A tiny trowel gathered white from a little board. On a warm September evening, Lon Brauer’s trained hand slid the trowel, then pulled it down. The house’s eave glistened. North of the Ohio River in the Old Northwest Territory, in the Year of our Lord, 1810…

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One Response to “Impressions Beside Laughery Creek”

  1. Rancocas says:

    In the 1950’s and ’60’s my hometown had it’s own artist. An eccentric little man who walked all over while pulling a two wheeled shopping cart that was full of his artist’s supplies.
    I watched him for a hour one day where he had set up his easel at the local mill dam. I was held spellbound as he used brush and trowel like magic wands to create the colorful image.
    A glob of red paint sagged under the sun and he turned to me and asked: “What do you think? Should I leave it like that?”
    Before I could answer he turned back to his work and said: “I’ll leave it.”

    Sometimes he would set up a one-man art show on some street corner of the town. In those long ago days I think he barely managed to eke out a poor living with his paintings.
    Today, however, now that he has passed on, his paintings are worth thousands. I wonder what became of his picture of the mill dam with the red morning sun hanging over it? I wish I had it!

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